Colwell Systems / Patterson Dental

Patterson Dental


Champaign, IL

Project Cost



150,000 sq. ft.


Architectural Spectrum

Petry Kuhne was selected to construct this new 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing, distribution, office, and sales facility combing three major operations for Patterson Dental which were previously housed at separate facilities. The project included sophisticated HVAC, high voltage electrical, super-flat concrete floors, specialized floor coatings, and high tech office space.

Petry Kuhne’s long term commitment and record of delivering project’s on time was key to being selected. As one of the few General Contractor’s of our size in this region that still self perform a high percentage of the project scope, Petry Kuhne was able to once again utilize this strength to control the project schedule and deliver this project on time.

Petry Kuhne self performs concrete, structural steel, all phases of carpentry, and other General Trades work on projects of all sizes throughout Central Illinois.