Carle Operation Room Renovation

Carle Health


Urbana, IL

Project Cost



15,000 sq. ft.


GHR Engineers and Associates, Inc.

Petry Kuhne was proud to do a complete renovation of Carle Health’s Main Hospital Campus Operating Rooms (O.R.). In total (18) O.R. rooms were renovated over a 2+ year period, while adjacent O.R.’s were being used for surgery. Petry Kuhne Company’s extensive experience in working in clean hospital environments was highlighted on this project.

It was critical that no adjacent O.R.’s were affected while construction of each individual O.R. took place. The highest level of ICRA and ILSM procedures were utilized to ensure safety to hospital patients and staff.

Our focus on safety, quality, and on-time delivery were essential on this project which is a great success for Carle Health and Petry Kuhne Company in their long-standing partnership.