Carle Foundation Hospital

Carle Health


Urbana, IL

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Various Architects

Carle has partnered with Petry Kuhne to complete numerous projects including: North Tower Renovations, Rehab Fitout, CT 9 Fitout, Mills Breast Cancer Institute, South Clinic, North Tower Lab Building, TAVR, HVI, Administrative Suites, NICU/LDRP, Hospital upgrades, O.R., Emergency Department, Urology, Parking Decks, Parking Lots, Oncology, Rogers, Parkview, and various other projects.

Our team has ‘touched’ nearly every floor and wing of the hospital, providing value to our client in the experience and ‘know how’ that comes from many years of working in one facility.

Petry Kuhne has built and maintained partnerships such as this with numerous clients in our history, operating under the motto that a good reputation is not given but is earned.